DexCheck Whitepaper

User Acquisition Plan

DexCheck’s User Acquisition Plan will have five steps:
Press Releases and Partnerships: By partnering with crypto industry leaders such as Fantom, Arbitrum, Polygon, OKX Chain, and KuCoin Chain, DexCheck aims to pave the way for their communities to use the platform and enjoy its benefits. Also, press releases with top-tier crypto news portals such as CoinTelegraph will help the platform to be more widely known within the crypto community.
Community Building and AMAs: Community Events, such as AMAs inside valuable Telegram/Discord groups, giveaways, competitions, and token airdrops to early platform adopters.
Guerrilla Marketing: Guerrilla marketing tactics can include creating viral content, leveraging social media, and targeting crypto forums, Facebook groups, and well-known Twitter personalities. The goal of guerrilla marketing is to create a buzz around the DexCheck platform and its features.
KOLs and Influencers Marketing: Different collaborations with top, valuable influencers and KOLs to introduce DexCheck to their followers, and make the platform and token more known to a wider audience of crypto investors.
SEO and Backlink Building: To ensure long-term organic growth, the DexCheck marketing team constantly creates articles related to project analysis, educational content, and any other quality topic with high demand/search traffic.
This strategy will bring high organic traffic (the highest-quality, most sustainable, and less expensive traffic) to the platform, applying professional SEO white hat strategies to rank DexCheck’s Crypto Content in the SERP top results.