DexCheck Features

DexCheck has a wide variety of features already live on the mainnet, others are not yet been launched by the time of updating this white paper and will be deployed according to the roadmap.

CheckBoard: Access a comprehensive dashboard that displays an overview of the digital asset market, including key metrics, trends, and real-time data on cryptocurrencies, DEXs, and NFTs, along with several of DexCheck's features.

Token Analytics & Charts: Dive deep into token-specific data with advanced analytics and interactive charts, helping you make informed decisions about your investments.

Crypto Whales Tracker: Monitor the activities of major crypto investors and funds, providing insights into their transactions, holdings, and strategies.

NFT Whales Tracker: Keep an eye on the top players in the NFT market, tracking their purchases, sales, and collections to identify trends and opportunities.

Top Crypto Traders[PRO]: Discover the most successful crypto traders, learning from their strategies and performance to improve your own trading skills.

Top NFT Traders[PRO]: Uncover the leading NFT traders in the market, gaining insights into their methods and achievements to enhance your understanding of the NFT landscape.

Smart Money leaderboard [PRO]: Explore our token analytics page featuring a Smart Money leaderboard of top-performing traders, gain insights from their trading history, and refine your own buying/selling strategies following the best players.

InsightsGPT[PRO]: InsightsGPT is an AI-powered DEXs tracker that delivers valuable real-time insights to investors by analyzing Smart Money wallets and DEXs transactions.

Address Analyzer: Our crypto wallet analyzer allows users to effortlessly examine the most captivating wallets in the cryptocurrency space. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily visualize all trading activities and evaluate Profit/Loss metrics.

Token Unlocks Dashboard: Stay informed about upcoming token unlocks and vesting events, allowing you to anticipate potential market movements and plan your investment strategy accordingly.

Also, check our Telegram Bots Section to discover how they can improve your trading game!

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