DexCheck aims to be a community-driven protocol thanks to its DAO. Ultimately, the users of the platform will step up as the decision-makers of the protocol, shaping DexCheck’s future. However, a core team is always needed to lead, develop, grow, and maintain the protocol during its lifetime. Here we introduce you to DexCheck’s Core Team:

Raph - Project Lead: Responsible for project development, strategy, and achievement of key KPIs. Extensive experience in crypto trading and blockchain data analysis.

Tejas - Innovation Lead:

Responsible for product innovations, past experience in institutionalizing analytics for global payment, insurance companies, banks and technology players in the areas of marketing and risk analytics, and scale internal organizational processes for a Fortune 500 company.

Pavneet - Technical Lead: 10+ Years in Blockchain, Fintech, and Development.Developed, led, and Launched multiple products in the web3 space.

Jatin - Senior Blockchain Developer: 5+ Years of core Blockchain Development. Nodes, Indexes, Graphs, Bots, and Database Solutions specialist.

Kiran - Sr. Frontend Developer: 6+ Years of Frontend Development using Next.js, Redux, Typescript, and customizable end-to-end solutions. Web3 Development expert with hands-on experience in multiple blockchain interfaces.

Prakash - Sr. Backend Developer: 3+ Years of experience with MERN Stack. Expert at Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, and javascript.

Rahul - Frontend Developer: 4+ Years of experience with Frontend technologies including React, Next, and Redux.

Aayush - Full-Stack Developer: 2+ Years of Full Stack Development experience in MERN.

Gino - Marketing & Growth Manager: International Relations graduate with 3+ years of experience in the crypto ecosystem. Passionate about growth hacking marketing strategies, finance, blockchain business models, and technical content writing.

Justin - Community Manager: I.T professional with 6 years of experience in Cyber Security and 2 years of experience in Community Management, passionate about technology and security.

Many of the core team members behind DexCheck, who are working towards the development and expansion of the platform, have chosen to keep their identities anonymous, just like some of the renowned crypto projects, including PancakeSwap, Biswap, Lido Finance, DefiLlama, GMX and more. This is a common trend in the world of cryptocurrency, where individuals often value their privacy and anonymity.

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