Q1 - 2023

  • Platform v.1

  • Top Crypto Traders [PRO]

  • Top NFT Traders [PRO]

  • Smart Money leaderboard [PRO]

  • Community Building

  • Partners Expansion

  • Enhance user interface and user experience (UI/UX)

Q2 - 2023

  • Influencers/KOLs collaborations

  • Initial Marketing Campaign

  • InsightsGPT: AI smart money insights, intelligent alerts

  • Telegram Bots: Wallet Tracking/Sniper/Multi-wallet Swaps

  • Integration of additional blockchain networks for a broader range of market data.

Q3 - 2023

  • IDO launch and DEX/CEX listing

  • Mobile app for iOS and Android

  • AI-DexFolio [PRO]: Notify users of significant sentiment changes for selected tokens based on order flow history.

  • BRC-20 Tracker

  • DAO Governance launched

  • Multi-Language Support

Q4 - 2023

  • NarrativeAI [PRO]: AI-powered Insights on emerging token category narratives and potential opportunities

  • IQ Tracker [PRO] : Curated dashboard for tracking VCs / Influencer on-chain activity

  • Analytics for NFT rarity and scores, providing deeper insights into the value of NFTs

  • Crypto derivatives market analytics: analytics tools for crypto options, futures, and other derivatives

  • AI-Arbitrage Scanner [PRO] : Identify profitable arbitrage opportunities across various exchanges (DEXs and CEXs)

  • Expand the mobile app to include push notifications for real-time alerts and updates

  • Platform new features based on DAO votes

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