DexCheck Whitepaper

Problems with Available Analytics Tools

The rapid development of the Crypto and NFT industry has led to an overwhelming amount of information to digest. Investors and traders often struggle to have a clear picture of blockchain data that matters.
Many analytics platforms provide data with a non-user-friendly UI/UX, which causes investors to have inconveniences understanding the insights, and therefore struggle to get any real value through them.
The limited access to premium data analysis tools makes it challenging for retail investors to search for relevant trends in their preferred cryptocurrency tokens or NFT collections. Additionally, it is difficult for investors to track the behavior and on-chain activities of professional, and successful traders without paying top dollars every month for premium tools.
On many occasions, retail traders need to visit many platforms and activate different subscriptions to get a complete set of crypto/NFT trading tools. Some platforms include crypto analytics features, others have NFT insights, and just a few counts with a Smart Money leaderboard or a token unlocks dashboard to monitor emissions, but no platform integrates it all. This consumes the user's precious time and makes it more difficult to conduct a comprehensive analysis.
Premium data analytics platforms are usually expensive and charge monthly/yearly fiat subscriptions. This is often a barrier for investors with a lower bankroll, who can’t afford high fixed expenses and end up on lower-quality platforms to access free but limited data.