DexCheck Whitepaper

DexCheck's Solution

DexCheck is a platform that focuses on resolving the previously mentioned problems associated with analyzing blockchain data. It offers users a comprehensive, advanced, and user-friendly solution for interpreting and understanding the vast amount of data generated by blockchain networks.
Focus on the important data DexCheck's analytics tools empower traders by providing real-time access to relevant data, cutting through the noise, and enabling them to make informed investment decisions that maximize their profits.
User-friendly Interface The user-friendly design of DexCheck makes it easy for individuals new to the world of blockchain analysis to access advanced information on multiple integrated blockchain networks with ease.
Web3 Subscription To make it easier for users to access the PRO features, DexCheck has implemented a system where you stake a certain amount of the platform’s token, $DCK, instead of paying a recurrent monthly fiat fee. This way users can avoid large monthly recurring fiat expenses meanwhile enjoying the token staking APY.
All-In-One Platform DexCheck aims to be the only platform users need to check different Crypto and NFT Data Analytics by including high-quality features on the most important data categories, such as:
Crypto Charting and Smart Money DexCheck allows users to access the latest information and actionable insights of their favorite tokens such as advanced trades history data, vesting schedule, upcoming unlock events, and more. DexCheck will offer a multi-chain Top Traders Leaderboard by PnL, to follow and understand with ease which tokens the most successful crypto traders buy or sell and their entry/selling points.
NFT Analytics and Intelligence DexCheck will offer various tools for those interested in NFTs to check the important metrics of the most promising projects, monitor what smart money are buying or selling and new promising collections early to invest before others.