DexCheck Whitepaper

DCK Token Utility

DexCheck PRO features Unlock
Hold or stake a certain amount of DCK tokens to unlock the advanced platform features and smart-money tracking, instead of paying a recurring monthly fiat $ fee. DexCheck aim to remove the barrier from the retail traders with low bankroll and the expensive analytics tools used by VCs and istitutional investors offering a new way to access them.
With a variable annual percentage yield (APY) based on lock duration, this is a profitable and convenient way to grow your DCK holdings, even more, if you are a PRO user and want to make your tokens work for you while holding.
Exclusive Early Access
DCK Token holders/stakers get exclusive access to new premium features before they are publicly deployed on mainnet.
Lower Swap fees
By holding or staking a certain amount of DCK tokens, users can enjoy lower fees when using the in-platform multi-chain DEX aggregator.
This feature is made available to users as a reward for their commitment to the platform and helps to encourage long-term usage and engagement. Furthermore, this approach is a way to incentivize users to invest in the DCK token, thereby increasing the token's value and supporting the platform's ecosystem.
DAO Governance Rights
Beginning with version v.2, holders of the DCK token can shape the future of DexCheck.
This includes the ability to vote on the introduction of new platform features, token burn events, the adjustment of staking APY percentages, and the creation of new community rewards.
The Community Governance DAO, which will allow for this democratic process to take place, is expected to launch sometime during the third quarter of 2023.